Tractor Tire Body Tiring

Working out with tractor tires is very manly and amazing. By just flipping the tire you will be doing a lift, clean and press. Three-in-one! What exactly do you need to get and keep a giant tire?..

Tires purchased new are much more expensive. You do not want to purchase it new. If you live in the right places, you most likely won't have to spend a dime to get some tires. Tire recycling centers and some tractor shops give tires away for free.


Tires are often given away for free because in order to dispose of them the company must to pay money. They are often a hassle for many. Especially when they become worn. Paying money for one might not be necessary.

If you can't find anything initially, call a regular tire shop and tell them you are interested in tractor tires. Some tire shops may have scrap piles. They also might be paying money to get rid of used and damaged tires. Remember, do NOT purchase any new ones (unless you want to).

Why would they give you a tractor tire for free? In my case, the local shop was even happy to have me come over and grab some tires off of their hands! That's a few tires less to pay for in disposal fees!

Almost every city has a local tire, or tractor shop. Often a few of them. You also might want to check out the advertisement section of a local newspaper as some farmers may be giving away damaged or worn tires. Keep your eyes open.

What Size?

  • 20.5 x 25(about 500 if not too worn)
  • 23.5 x 25.(about 700 if not too worn)
  • 28.5 x 25(about 900 if not too worn)

What tire weight shall you start with? Aim to start with 300-400 lbs (136 - 181 kg). Technique will need to be learned, you might have a lot of strength but if you don't know how to use it – the tire won't budge!

More numbers to go by? If you can deadlift 300 pounds (136 kg), you should be able to lift a tire weighing around 700 pounds (318 kg).

The weight changes depending on..

  • How worn the tire is
  • Tire density
  • Brand
  • Size

All tires are not made equal. Some may be 20.5”, but weigh 600 pounds (272 kg). The measurements above are only an estimate to go by. Obviously, measuring how much one weighs is difficult.

You will have to trust the sizes/weights above.

Though remember...

Something good is better than nothing good (at least when you work out).


  • Truck to bring the tire back
  • Local tire shop/Tire recycling center/Tractor shop
  • Storage space (Impossible in apartments, unless you own a garage.

Not just anybody can bring a giant tire home. It is also unlikely that a tire company would bring it to your home for free. However you may get them to transport it to your backyard if you pay.

To bring a giant tractor tire to your home, you will need a truck. Especially if you feel strong and choose a very heavy tire! Renting a truck for a day, or borrowing one from a friend may be an option to you.

Tractor Tire Exercises

Exercising with one looks very impressive and manly. It is also very difficult and time saving too! Many muscles are tugged at and worked when flipping, pushing, or lifting tires. Tires are also a lot of fun if you happen to own a hammer!

  • Tire flipping
  • Tire pushing
  • Tire lifting
  • Around the tire
  • Hammer hits
  • Plyometric jumps

Tire flipping is the most popular exercises for strongmen. For good reason too! You do a lift, clean and press in one flip of a tire. Three sets with eight repetitions of tire flipping, and you are completely done!

With a tire you can work out your whole body.

  • Legs
  • Core
  • Lower back
  • Upper back
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Arms

Do you happen to have a hammer? Then exercise with hammer hits. Hit the tire with an overhead swing using your hammer. Be careful of the hammer bouncing back! Keep your teeth safe.

All-in-all, if you live in a home you should have enough space to workout with and keep a giant tractor tire. Go out and get one. You will not be sorry as the workouts one unlocks will bust your ass.

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